An Absent Mind


Eric Rill’s third novel, An Absent Mind, is about a race against time. The ticking time bomb is Saul Reimer’s sanity. His Alzheimer’s is going to be the catalyst that will either bring his family together or tear it apart.

Although An Absent Mind depicts Saul’s arduous struggle with Alzheimer’s, it is equally a story about his loved ones and their journey.

As we listen in on Saul’s ramblings, humor, emotions, lucid moments, and confusion, we are also privy to the thoughts and feelings of his family—his wife, Monique, conflicted, caring, yet angry; his daughter, Florence, compassionate, yet proper and distant; his son, Joey, self-centered and narcissistic. And Dr. Tremblay, Saul’s Alzheimer’s specialist, who provides the reader with facts and observations about this dreaded disease that imprisons more than 35 million people worldwide.

We know from the beginning how it has to end for Saul, because no one has ever outsmarted Alzheimer’s. But how will he navigate the meandering road that will eventually result in his death? And how will it affect those around him as they live with the strain and guilt, while at the same time being forced to face their own demons?

Although a work of fiction, An Absent Mind will expose the reader to the reality of Alzheimer’s.