An Absent Mind


“Rill’s brilliant novel about Alzheimer’s is so well-crafted, the fully-human characters seem real.
…unvarnished prose reminiscent of Hemingway’s straightforward style.”
—Five Star Foreword/Clarion review

“An uncommonly brave book…Rill invests every page with true feeling.”
—Starred Blueink Review

“Rill skillfully portrays the various stages of the disease…Readers who have a loved one with Alzheimer’s might find some comfort in the novel’s insights”
Kirkus Review

“Eric Rill’s An Absent Mind offers a fresh, human perspective on Alzheimer’s and is beautifully written.”
Serge Gauthier, MD, FRCPC, Director of the Alzheimer’s Disease Research Unit, McGill University Centre for Studies in Aging

“Eric Rill masterfully explores the heart wrenching, saddening, maddening, sometimes humorous, and always challenging experience of living with Alzheimer’s. An uplifting read for anyone struggling with the challenges and unfairness of this disease.”
Mark Liponis, MD, Corporate Medical Director/ Canyon Ranch and New York Times best selling author

“The mark of a good novel is one that makes you laugh and cry and An Absent Mind hits the target dead center.”
—L.S. Fisher – Early Onset Alzheimer’s blog

“Having recently lost a loved one to dementia, I found Eric Rill’s An Absent Mind to be unlike any other book about Alzheimer’s. Its unique approach made me, laugh, cry, reflect, and ponder.”
Gene Hull, author Chasing The Muse