Pinnacle of Deceit


“Compelling enough to draw readers from all quarters, Pinnacle of Deceit is a fast-paced, skillfully observed, beautifully developed and—best of all—suspenseful and chilling thriller. A great new talent has announced himself in Eric Rill.”
Joseph Kertes, Stephen Leacock award-winning author

“An electrifying page turner…The roller coaster ride of plot twists and turns that Eric Rill puts us through in this gripping thriller will keep your heart racing until the very end.”
Jay Bernstein, Emmy award winning producer of Mickey Spillane’s Mike Hammer

“A riveting behind-the-scenes look at luxury hotels as can only be told by someone with Rill’s background…Pinnacle of Deceit is Arthur Hailey’s Hotel for the new millennium.”
Juergen Bartels, former CEO of Westin and Le Meridien hotels

“Eric Rill’s Pinnacle of Deceit is an international thriller with SST speed and a web of intrigue so elaborate it makes spiders look lazy!”
Dan Wakefield, author of Going all the way and New York in the Fifties

Pinnacle of Deceit is a suspenseful novel of murder, intrigue, and globetrotting adventures that paints a meticulous picture of characters, plots, and sub-plots, which make the reader turn the pages faster and faster to keep up with all the twists and turns.”
Marlene Clark, Eye Spy Magazine

“This is the kind of fat, old-fashioned thriller that makes great airplane or beach reading…the perfect five-star escape.”
Margaret Cannon, Globe and Mail

Pinnacle of Deceit marks the arrival of a strong new contender in the thriller-writer stakes. In his debut, Montreal-born Eric Rill shows a real knack for adrenalized action that will have you flipping the pages at a furious rate, beginning with the attention-getting prologue.”
Editorial review, Amazon

Pinnacle of Deceit certainly has all the ingredients of a bestseller: exotic locations, interesting characters, luxurious lifestyles, drug cartels, murder, and an insider look at the workings of the U.S. presidency and secret service.”
Marlene Eisner, The Suburban